Whats Occurring At "Men Don't Talk"

The "2nd Men Don't Talk Warrior Weekend"

Friday 26th April to Sunday 28th April 2019.

I always take a few days to reflect upon the goings of these weekends, so please forgive the delay.

So here goes......

Friday night started with all of the course attendees arriving, putting up their tents and getting to know the other guys on the course.

We had a few returning "Old Faces" who greeted each other with open arms and a laugh, everyone and I mean everyone, with no exception, received a very respectful hand shake. This is the very core of what Men Don't Talk is aiming to achieve - "Respectful Brotherhood."


Then I spoke a little about the course schedule, what we were trying to achieve and asked very respectfully that everyone participated in the course with an open heart and stated that what was spoken about on this course was to remain confidential - Everyone agreed to this without question.


The rest of the evening was a mixture of eating chilli, topping up the camp fire, banter and nervous laughter for what the weekend had in store.....we headed to our beds at 10.30 to ensure we had enough energy for the weekend ahead.


Saturday came at a blink of an eye, and everyone raised bright and early - "its amazing how early you get up when the sun rises" commented one participant. ;-)


Showers were taken, Egg, bacon and sausage was eagerly consumed and the nervous participants laughed in a slightly worrying participation.


What came next was a reinforcement of the confidentiality clause that underpins all of the therapeutic work Men Don't Talk conveys. Once again, all participants expressed how they knew the importance of this and the necessity of it.


From this point on all of the participants fully committed to the 12 sections of the course eagerly, without hesitation or interruption. (This being a compliment to the guys eagerness to Learn & Grow in addition to the trust, confidence and compassion that they were developing for one another.)


Mindfulness, Meditation, Log Throwing, Unhelpful Thinking Style Presentation, ABA & ABC exercise, The Sharing of Stories with a few sausages, eggs, chicken and sandwiches thrown in.......


Then a night sleeping under the stars.

Sleep came and went quickly, breakfast was smashed down and a morning off Chi Gung (Tai Chi) was practised.

Followed by my favorite "A Poetry Workshop" which a fellow brother Wazz superbly conducted.


The final exercise of the course was the "Community Spirit" section, where everyone and I mean everyone (attendees and facilitators alike) cleaned the living quarters to military standards superbly and magnificently managed by Mr DS.

The course came to a close, with myself outlining my hopes, ambitions and needs for the attendees, followed by Wazz reciting the poem “Will You Help Build Me a Bonfire?” -Which is now the official Men Don’t Talk Ethos

And can be found at

I sincerely believe everyone who attended the course gained something positive from it,


“Men arrived as strangers, and Left as brothers.”

“Guys went into the woods, and found themselves and each other.”

“Friendships were made.

Trust was built.

Confidence was grown.

The belief that “People do care” was restored

and the “Enemy” of Male isolation was driven back.”-


And I cannot ask for any more than that.

I would like to personally thank -

All of the attendees for their trust in the process, it couldn’t of been easy of felt comfortable meeting with a group of strangers in the woods for the weekend.

Paul Bridges, Ali Bayley and the whole team at Gracie Barra Hastings -

for the help fund raising for this project, without your help this project would not of happened - I simply cannot thank you enough - OSU

Ross White of Kong Tree surgeons -

For supplying the wood, the transport and donation for further Weekend Retreats, you and you team don’t just do an amazing job on chopping, cropping and lopping trees down, you have also helped cultivate psychological and emotional growth in Men - THANK YOU

Ken Sharp of The Malling District Scout Association -

I know exactly how much you love your campsite and letting a group of strangers use it must of felt terrifying. Thank you for entrusting us with his beautiful and amazing woodland to camp in. Bringing the boys “Back to nature” was an essential ingredient to making this amazing project work - THANK YOU

Kelly Lawrence -

For her commitment and support in making this happen, she works just as hard as the guys, putting up tents, cooking, for her input and also for co-facilitating this project and the Men Don’t Talk project in general - THANK YOU

Wazz -

Your input, attendance, honesty, growth and love was an essential part of making this work, you and the guys that stood around you perfectly display what Men Don’t Talk is all about - THANK YOU

Jon Wickenden, Tom Barrows & Jason Slack for giving me your whole hearted support & encouragement (Wolf Pack Rules xxx)

My kids for allowing me to go on this and further weekend (Time is precious in my house) without any arguing or trouble (although I do believe I have to take them to see “End Game” xxx

A thank you to everyone that has;

  • Made a financial donation, and “Liked & Shared” our posts and Memes.

  • Opened up about their experiences whether it be good, mad, glad or sad and allowed us to learn so others may not follow.

  • My family for understanding me, when my head was in the lap top planning stuff.

  • My Supervisor S.P without you Rather “Politely yet Robustly” suggesting it was a good idea AKA telling me to do it ;-) it would still be in the planning phase.

Think thats about it…..

Myself and the Men Don’t Team will not stop doing what we do until the current male suicide rate drops (85 per week / 12 per day)

You can directly help us and help these guys by;

  • Donating funds to support other weekend retreats, low cost counselling, seminars, workshops, Forum and Information Sharing Website -

  • Liking & Sharing our pages, posts & Memes.

  • Referring guys you think would benefit from our support to us.

  • Joining the Men Don’t Talk Forum.

  • Calling a mate you havn't heard from in a while.