Whats Occurring At "Men Don't Talk"

Sun Chemical Help Spread the MenDontTalk Message and Help Raise Awareness Of Mental Well Being For All Of Their Staff.

A huge thank you to the good people at Sun Chemical in Sidcup who have set up a Workplace Well being Bookshelf to encourage sharing of books, promote reading for pleasure and at the same time raise money for Men Don’t Talk.


Reading pleasure is well known to promote good mental health by lowering stress, promoting deeper relaxation and improving mood, resilience and self-esteem.


The idea of the bookshelf is anyone can take a book to borrow, keep, or pass on to someone they think will enjoy it. If they have a book or books to donate to the shelf that’s great too. Readers can also make a voluntary donation to Men Don't Talk at the same time by chucking some loose change in the tin. 


So to all those at Sun Chemical. Chill out and enjoy a book, and if you have a few pennies to spare, please bung them in the tin.  We will make sure that every last one of them is put to good use directly helping men to open up and so reduce the male suicide rate.


Thank you for your support.


It is very much appreciated by all the guys at MenDon’tTalk. XX