Meet The Team

The Men Don't Talk Team Are Committed To Helping You Through The Challenges You Face

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Jason Lawrence.

Men Don't Talk - Founder, Counsellor & Self Defence Instructor.

"84" is the number Jason replies when he is asked, why he works so hard?

Jason says "Men ask for help and support the least, that is why we go to them, we go to the guys that wouldn't normally set foot in a counselling room."

Jason was working as a counsellor, when he realised that some people find sitting in the counselling room "too Stifling," that's when he had the brain child of the "Weekend Warrior Workshops."

Jason's ability to adapt to different personality types opens up the (Counselling) door to any man that wants to walk through it, his approach is somewhat unorthodox, but as he say "He gets the job done, no subject is taboo."

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Kelly Lawrence.

Men Don't Talk - Trainee Counsellor & Self Defence Instructor.

Kel is married to Jay, and is the work horse behind The Men Don't Talk Project. Kelly's experience coaching and managing a boxing gym, alongside working as a deputy manager of a care home gives Kelly a wide experience of helping all sorts of people.

Kelly's calmness under pressure, and resilience helps people feel reassured, she is empathetic yet direct, which makes her a great member of The Men Don't Talk Team.

When asked why she works so hard?

Kelly replied "Men don't  get the help they need, and deserve."