Everyone Experiences Pain
Even Men

"Strength Doesn't Mean Staying Silent"

The Men Don't Talk Facebook (Check in) is a private and confidential group that is used for us guys to let off steam and receive positive peer feedback.

This brilliant idea has come from our fellow brothers at "Talk Club" and the idea is to give your day a number between 1 (being shit) and 10 (being great) then state "why" your number is that, and then us guys can give support, congratulations and positive feedback if necessary.

If your having a "low number day" please write how you intend to raise and improve your number. This might be "going to the gym taking yourself put for lunch or just listening to some music".


* No disrespect,
* No discussing medication or pill shaming,
* No talking politics or religion unless to state how it's causing you distress.
* No talking about why you see on the Men Don't Talk (check in) page (it's confidential and what's spoken about stays within the brotherhood.
* Swearing is allowed.
* Keep it supportive.

*Please add any male relative or friend that you think may find this group useful, remember "84" Men on average die per week due to suicide.....Silence Kills.

You adding your mate might save his life.