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What are the warning signs that someone is feeling suicidal?

A change in someone’s personality and behaviour might be a sign that they are having suicidal thoughts. You may be the best judge of when someone you know is behaving differently.

Changes can include:

  • becoming anxious, irritable or confrontational.

  • having mood swings.

  • acting recklessly.

  • sleeping too much or too little.

  • preferring not to be around other people.

  • having more problems with work or studies.

  • saying negative things about themselves.

There are some signs that suggest someone is more likely to try suicide. These include:

  • threatening to hurt or kill themselves,

  • talking or writing about death, dying or suicide, or

  • actively looking for ways to end their life, such as stockpiling medication.

It is rare for someone to be certain that they want to end their own life. Most people will be undecided about suicide, seeing some ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of living and dying.

A lot of people try to seek help before attempting suicide by telling other people about their feelings or by self-harming to show people that they are in emotional pain.