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"Men Don't Talk"

“Men Don't Talk" is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise.


"In the UK every week around 84 men take their own lives,

That’s 12 Men a day, or 1 Man every 2 hours!"

The Team here think that is pretty poor especially as many deaths could have been avoided by"Just Talking".

And We are looking for Sponsorship and Donations and help us to reach out to the Guys that can’t get to us.


Services We Offer Include:

Our aim is to promote Mental Health in general, but identify that Men are often in a minority through not talking about the issues they are facing and often do not receive the care and attention that they deserve.

In order To Continue Our Amazing Success We Need A Few Things.

These Include;

Camping Equipment - Read More.

Donations To Help Guys Attend The Well Mind Retreats - Read More.

Donations To Support Our On-Line Cause - Read More.