Help Pay For Someone To Attend A

"Men Don't Talk"

Well Mind Retreat.

“Men Don't Talk" is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise,

run completely by Volunteers.


"In the UK every week around 84 men take their own lives,

That’s 12 Men a day, or 1 Man every 2 hours!"

As stated previously.....

Not everyone is receptive to the

"Counselling Room"

That's why we take these guys out into the open countryside. 

Our Vision is to Get The Help 

to the people that need us the most.

The Homeless, The Ex Squaddies, The Disabled…

therefore it is our aim to be able to transport individuals or a group of men out into the open space or to one of our Well Mind Retreats, refuel them with food, fluids and coping strategies then get them back home again without them worrying about a thing

Many of our attendees are on low / minimal wage therefore your support would be deeply appreciated.