Exercise & Hobbies

  • Get rid of the gut,

  • Build more muscle,

  • Increase happy hormones,

  • De-Stress,

  • Feel like you've achieved something,

  • Get out of the house,

  • Meet people,

  • Reduce the chances of depression, anxiety and stress,

  • Improve Mental well-being.

There are countless reasons and benefits to exercising and finding a hobby.

If you are a banker that likes building, then volunteer at some charity that does that.

If you are a builder that likes board games, then crack open the monopoly.

if you don't know what you like - BRILLIANT!

The world is your oyster, go try something.....Just don't sit there!

The main thing is that you enjoy what you do, If you get to meet people and get some fresh air that's a double bonus.

Have a look at the activity list we have put together.

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